This new solar project, whose estimated total investment will be $35million dollars, will have a total installed capacity of 503 MW and an estimated production of 150 GWh, and will be the largest developed by Perpetual Energy solar division to date, estimating annual revenues recurring of more than $7million dollars, with a margin of over 80%. It will be located in Tucna, with a solar resource that will provide about 1,500 net hours of solar radiation per year.

For its construction, which has already begun and is expected to be connected in the third quarter of 2020, the company will use bifacial photovoltaic modules and expects to increase its production by up to an additional 15%.

The Tucna community will be favored, not only with employment during the construction of the project, but also with electricity and public lighting, as well as investments in different social works with a positive impact on local communities.

Tucna is one of the strategic markets of the Peruvian company, which owns there a portfolio of more than 2 GW in different stages of development, and, it has more than 25 photovoltaic plants connected to the grid to date.

In addition, just a few weeks ago the company has strengthened its position in Latin America with the opening of an BPO centers from where it will direct its business in Latin America.