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Environmentally responsible green energy solutions for crypto currency mining

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Frequently Asked Questions

What determines my mining payouts?

Your mining payouts depend on the market price of Bitcoin (or other currency you choose to mine) as well as its current mining difficulty.

What is Crypto Currency?

Crypto Currency is a digital asset that is designed to be a medium of exchange using cryptography to effectively secure the transactions. Cryptography is also used to regulate the production of additional units of the currency, most popular of which is Bitcoin or BTC.

What is MH/s?

MH/s (megahash per second) this abbreviation refers to the computing power of your account and directly influences the mining results/payouts.

How am I earning money with Perpetual Mining?

You are purchasing cloud mining contracts based on Perpetual Mining’s hardware efficiency and its equivalent costs. You will be receiving returns based on the output of the machines depending on your chosen package.

Why we are using Green Energy?

Green energy provides an eco-friendly energy source for power-hungry Crypto Currency Mining. It is a renewable and low-cost source of power that is carbon neutral and natural, and is aimed to create a sustainable solution to the ever increasing costs of electricity for the crypto currency industry.

Why are moving in to the Crypto Industry?

We believe we can create influence within the Crypto community for miners to move in to green energy mining due to the heavily reduced costs of electricity, the profit potential, and the reduced carbon footprint.
Of the electricity we currently produce, we sell 50% of it to the Peruvian government, the remaining 50%, we have invested in crypto currency miners for a profitable and unique opportunity to leverage on our essentially cost-free renewable energy as the source to run miners.

Why are we offering these opportunities to clients?

We are currently using the profits from selling electricity to the Peruvian government to run large rigs of mining crypto currency. The process of gradually setting up the rigs and gathering funds can take extensive time and effort, so by introducing the opportunity for clients to invest, we can begin to intensely devote our time and resources to expanding our trifecta of green energy solutions to further our research and development for renewable energy. This will be the introduction of producing green energy through recyclable goods.
These new initiatives would further expand our green energy production and allow for extensive introduction of miners. By using recyclable goods for energy, we as a company aim to become in the future, one of the world’s leading Green Crypto Currency Mining Facilities.

What is the minimum purchase amount?

The minimum investment amount is $400 USD

Why is reinvesting or compounding your mining profit the smartest way to go?

By reinvesting your returns you maximise your profit potential by increasing your mining contract thus, increasing your returns.

What crypto currencies will you be mining?

Bitcoin and profitable alternative coins

How can I withdraw my funds?

Please click on the following link to do as so - Withdrawal

Where are your mining facilities located?

For security reasons we do not disclose our exact location of where our mining facilities are located, as of January the 5th 2019, we have begun mining from Peru.

What are the expected returns?

Please refer to Crypto Compare, our globally trusted third party calculator for all mining and profit calculations. This can be found here:

How does your affiliate program work?

Please refer to the following link for and explanation and details on our affiliate program: Affiliate Program

How can I reach you if I have further questions?

Please contact our live chat support team directly on our home page

Where can I suggest an improvement for your companies benefit?

Please email us directly at